Bengali Music: Different Forms And Why It’s Popular

Bengali music has developed into a diverse range of styles. These days, you can easily gain access to Bengali Mp3 Songs from various streaming and free download sites. If you want to learn more about Bengali music, then here are the different forms that you would want to be familiar with.

Adhunik Geeti

These are modern Bangla songs that have a history that dates back almost a century. This originated from the modern cultural movement which introduced new Adhunik literature. Adhunik Geeti is often done as a prose and drama.


Also means “modern songs,” Tagore’s songs inspire this kind of music. The style of Chalochitro is more Western than Rabindra Sangeet or Nazrulgeeti. Most of these songs were written by modern poets Imdadul Haq Milon and Shyamal Gupta Busty.

Bengali Mp3 Songs

Folk Songs

These are Fokir Geeti or Bhatiali. These songs represent the rural and daily life. This type of song communicates love and is created according to respective villages.


This melody is equivalent to the Hindi film songs and ghazals. It’s combined with couplets and basic Bengali lyrics. The Jama songs became connected with Muslims.

Jibonmukhi Gaan

Jibonmukhi The ‘bauls’ or wandering minstrels started gaan which are also life songs. It represents the pain and joy of a person’s constant effort to survive. This type of music originated in rural Bengal.

Nazrul Geeti

Nazrulgeeti is a combination of folk and modern music styles. Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote over 1500 songs back in the 19th and 20th centuries. The majority of which were based on folk tunes. His creativity brought this kind of music to Bangla culture.

Hearing songs

Rabindra Sangeet

Rabindranath Tagore influenced Bengali music. He created new songs using traditional and classical musical styles. Tagore Songs or Tagore Music includes the poet’s songs as well as those that were written in his honor.

Sangeet Shyama

This is devotional Bengali music. It honors Maa Kali or ‘Shyama,’ the power goddess. When ‘Shaktism’ came over Bengal in the 12th-13th century, this type of music was introduced.

Bengal is known for its rich art and culture. And Bengali culture is beautifully portrayed through music. They believe that music is more than just an art form. Bengalis are very passionate when it comes to their music and culture.

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