What do you mean by Actuators and Pneumatic Actuators? Where to find one?

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Actuators are the components of a machine that convert the energy provided to them into mechanical motion. Many different types of actuators or siłowniki are present in the market based on their working such as pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc. If you are looking for the best quality pneumatic actuators, you can directly visit the website of Pneumatig and order a pneumatic actuator that best fits your requirement. You can be sure of receiving a good quality product and will be highly impressed by the performance. Well, now let’s see what exactly pneumatic actuator is.

What is a pneumatic actuator?

A pneumatic actuator takes up energy from compressed air and converts it into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy can be used to create linear or circular motion.  A pneumatic actuator consists of a piston that is mainly responsible for the production of motive power. Air is kept in the upper portion of the cylinder which allows air pressure to put force on the piston and rotate the valve elements. These valves require a small input of force and they release energy that is double or triple of the input value of pressure. The larger is the piston, the more force it produces. Having a larger piston can help you if the supply of air is low. This will help in the production of more forces even in a limited supply of air. You will be astonished to know that this pressure is large enough to crush the items present in a pipe. If you receive an input of 100kPa, you can easily lift a car with the amount of energy produced. At Pneumatig you can search for the best pneumatic actuators that will make your tasks easier and produce a large number of forces.