Things to know about Adderall when combined with other medications.

Things to know about Adderall when combined with other medications.

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Adderall is the best available combination drug that stimulates the central nervous system of the body. The generic name of this drug is dextroamphetamine – amphetamine. These two medicines are combined in a required proposition to make the Adderall drug.

The branded drugs also include these two as the main ingredient along with other medicines and ingredients that gives color.


  • This drug is supposed to be prescribed by doctors only. The required authority has approved the usage of this drug in treating ADHD and Narcolepsy.
  • Sometimes, these are prescribed to treat a certain level of depression by the doctors. But they do consider several factors before prescribing it.
  • Another precautionary measure that they ensure before prescribing is, whether the person will have an allergic reaction to this stimulant.
  • In general, they ask for the person’s medical history and the family’s health history, before advising this medicine.

Other important things to consider

  • It is always necessary to let your doctor know that if you are alcohol dependent. Because this drug is generally used to treat behavioral issues, it is better advised to keep your doctor informed about your habits too.
  • People with heart-related issues and blood pressure are always advised to let their doctor know about their health history. Because the doctors will keep a close watch on you if they intend to prescribe it to you.
  • People getting treated for other phycological related issues are also required to let their consultants know about their current status.
  • This will ensure that the other drugs do not hinder the purpose of Adderall being prescribed.

What is Adderall

Dosage and storage

  • As this is a prescription drug, you can always follow your doctor’s directions for its usage. Or you can find the directions in the label of the drug.
  • Do not exceed the consumption amount prescribed by your doctors, as it might lead to certain complications.
  • This drug is required to be stored in a dry place at room temperature.

Available for supply in different dosages

Adderall is available for supply in different dosages varying from 5mg to 30 mg. One unit of this medicine will have about 100 tablets. Be careful to buy the prescribed amount. Always ask the pharmacist that you have collected the required dosage prescribed by your doctor.

Common side effects

Some of the common side effects of this medicine are stomach pain, lack of appetite, headache, nervousness, constipation, nausea. These effects may go over with few days or a week. If they persist even after a week, talk to your doctor. They will help you out.


These are the points you should consider while using Adderall along with other medications if you intend to use them. Hope it helps you to understand the do’s and don’ts of Adderall.